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OUKITEL P1201 Powerstation
OUKITEL P1201 960Wh Power Storage
OUKITEL P1201 Super-fast Charging Power Station
Multi Efficient Charging Methods
Safe And Reliable Power Solution

OUKITEL P1201 Portable Power Station 1200W/960Wh

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  • 960Wh Capacity with 1200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter With a 960Wh battery capacity, the P1201 portable power station can always offer a reliable power resource for your home blackouts, camping, and RV travel. The 1200W rated output powers most of your electric devices (fridge, laptop, coffee maker, electric grill, etc. )
  • Super-fast Charging and Solar Power Supply The P1201 charges from 0-80% within 1.5 hours by wall outlet. Support max input of 500W, P1201 can be charged by solar panels (12-48V/15A) in around 2-3 hours.
  • Compact and Portable Lightweight and compact size feature great portability and dual foldable handles for easy transportation on the go.
  • Safety and Long-lasting The BMS can protect P1201 from over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, short-circuit, high-temperature, and more. P1201 is powered by LiFePO4 batteries, which can be used up to 3500 times (80% of original capacity).
  • UPS Less than 10ms switchover Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) feature allows you to power your essential electric devices (computer, CAPA, fridge, etc.) without damage from the sudden power outage.

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oukitel power station portable solar power station oukitel solar generator

Stay in power anytime and anywhere with P1201. The 960Wh large capacity offers ample and reliable power for exploring outdoors and backing home blackouts.

High Capacity High Capacity

LiFePO4 Batteries

X-Stream Fast Charge X-Stream Fast Charge

Super-fast recharge

6x AC Outlets 6x AC Outlets

AC Output

Power Multiple Devices Power Multiple Devices


Stay in Safe and Reliable oukitel P1201 Power

With the huge 960Wh capacity, P1201 always keeps your home, camping, and RV in power. The 1200W AC (2400W surge) output can power most of your home appliances and those high-wattage tools such as refrigerator, coffee maker, electric blanket, etc.

Power most of your home appliances
Power most of your home appliances

Super-fast Charging Portable Power Station

OUKITEL features super-fast charging. P1201 charges from 0-80% within 1.5 hours via home wall outlets.

OUKITEL P1201 Super-fast Charging Power Station
OUKITEL P1201 Super-fast Charging Power Station

Ultra-safety and Durability

Ultra-safe to use P1201 with BMS, and LiFePO4 batteries are the most durable as they can reach up to 3500 cycles (80% of original capacity).

Ultra-safety and durability P1201 battery
Ultra-safety and durability P1201 battery

10ms Flash Switchover UPS Power

Less than 10ms switched from wall outlet power, P1201 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) keeps all your essentials in power anytime (CPAP, computer, fridge, etc. )

Switch to UPS in 10ms
Switch to UPS in 10ms

Solar Power Supply

P1201 portable solar generator support 500W max input via solar charging with 99% efficiency of solar charging maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Max. 500W solar input P1201 power supply
Max. 500W solar input P1201 power supply

Easy to Carry On the Go

Double foldable handles mark super-portability for smooth and move.

Easy to carry for on-the-go life
Easy to carry for on-the-go life

Effortless to Charge by Various Ports

Charge through a variety of ports, including solar charging, car charging, and wall charging. No need to worry about power shortages, you can charge anytime, anywhere to keep your devices running.

Multi efficient charging methods for P1201
Multi efficient charging methods for P1201

Designed for Different Power Needs

OUKITEL P1201 portable power station for camping
OUKITEL P1201 solar generator for rv
OUKITEL P1201 backup generator for home

Tech Specs











LED Light

2W, Warm tone, single lamp

Operation temperature

0-40 ℃ /32-104℉

Storage temperature

-10-40 ℃ /-14-104℉


700W, AC200-240V/50Hz, 10A

Solar Charge

XT60, Max.500W, 12V-48V/ 15A

Adapter Charge

12V-48V/ 15A, MPPT Max.500W

Car Charge

12V/8A - 24V/10A

2 x AC

1200W(220-240V), 2400 Surge

2 x USB-A

5V/2.4A, 12W

1 x USB-C


3 x USB-C




2 x Output


1 x Cigar lighter



1+2 Years(Subscribed)

What’s in the box?

1.Oukitel P1201 Power Station        2.Car Charging Cable        3.Solar Charging Cable        4.AC Charging Cable        5.User Manual

User Manual

OUKITEL P1201-EU Portable Power Station | 1200W, 960Wh User Manual

Download Now >


Calculate the total wattage of your devices. P1201 should work if the total load is below its rated 1,200W.


P1201 charges from 0-80% within 1.5 hours by AC charging.


P1201 can be used in cold weather, the operating temperature for P1201 is:
Charging Temperature: 0-40 ℃ / 32-104℉
Discharging Temperature: -10-40 ℃ / -4-104℉

The P1201 should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place, and we recommend recharging it 80% every 3–6 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ideal für den Heimgebrauch

Das Modell OUKITEL P1201E Tragbare Powerstation 1200 W/960 Wh arbeitet sehr leise, ich würde sagen, dass es in Bezug auf Abmessungen, Eigenschaften und Gewicht der Ladestation selbst eine goldene Mitte darstellt. Unter den ständigen Stromausfällen in der Ukraine ist es möglich, den Betrieb von etwa 90 % der Geräte (Kühlschrank, Fernseher, Router, Wasserkocher, Haartrockner, Herd, sogar ein Gaskessel) konstant aufrechtzuerhalten. Je höher die Belastung, desto schneller entlädt sich die Station natürlich, aber sie lädt sich in etwa anderthalb Stunden auf bis zu 99 % auf. Es verfügt über viele verschiedene Anschlüsse.

Volodymyr Falendysh


Martin Baumeister
Einfach zu bedienen

Super Ware.
Einfach zu bedienen, großes Display.
Hat von Anfang an gut funktioniert.

Christian Diez

Fast delivery, well packed.

Alexander Mauterer

Für das Geld perfekt 👌👌👌👌

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