How to Choose a Home Backup Power Supply to Solve a Power Outage

A sudden power outage can occur when you least expect it. Make you unable to carry out daily activities like cooking, seeing in the dark, accessing laptops or computers, and even keeping cell phones or emergency radios powered up.

Thus, it becomes crucial to learn how to prepare for a sudden power outage and create a backup plan. But you don't have to sacrifice comfort in your home. Home backup power supplies can help you avoid power outage problems. When the grid is down, they take over and provide backup power to your home. OUKITEL P5000 home battery backup is designed to provide power during power loss. It is portable, quiet, and can power most household appliances.

Reasons and Impacts of the Power Outage

A power outage can happen due to harsh winters, tornadoes, landslides, droughts, mother nature unleashing a hurricane or flood, or anything in between. In 2017 alone, more than 36 million Americans were affected by power outages. These sudden power cuts can be potentially challenging and risky situations for families.  

When power failure stretches for hours or even days, your refrigerator could be in a mess, the food only remains fresh for a short time. This may cause food wastage. During winter, a power outage can disable your home's heating system.

In addition, if you rely on any medical devices that work on electricity, it is essential to know how to prepare for a long-term power outage. A big part of developing the prepare plan is to have a reliable power backup source that can charge your medical devices during an emergency.

A solar power backup source will help you keep your life-critical medicines safe in your refrigerator. If you do not have access to a power backup source, check the medication guidelines and understand how long they can be stored at higher temperatures.

Therefore, there's a need to be prepared with a backup power. Please keep reading to know more about it.


Household Power Needs Assessment

Prior to devising a home backup power strategy, the initial crucial step is evaluating the power requirements of your household. To do this, you can check all your appliances and their power needs. Then, consider their running time, family members, etc. This assessment will furnish you with a clear understanding of the daily or monthly energy and power necessities.

This calculation will help you get backup solutions that align with your needs. For instance, heavy-duty appliances like washing machines, microwaves, and air conditioners draw substantial power. While you may not necessarily run them simultaneously during a power outage, they hold significance. Therefore, it's imperative to assess both your current and future power needs.


What is the Best Backup Power Supply for a Power Outage?

When choosing a power station, you must consider your energy needs. The first thing you should look at is the features.

Battery capacity

How long will the power stations run your devices? The key lies in the output capacity, which indicates the amount of power the battery can deliver, measured in watt-hours (Wh). When selecting your unit, it's crucial to focus on the estimated watts. Opt for a battery capacity that provides ample electricity to cover a variety of devices. To find the optimal size, simply add up the wattage for each device.  


OUKITEL P5000 can be used over and over again. You can get up to 3500 discharge cycles with proper care to maintain 80% of its original capacity. The manufacturer recommends that you recharge your battery every 3 to 6 months.  

Environmentally friendly

OUKITEL P5000 can be powered by solar - it's better for the environment. You're not harming the environment whether you use the unit at home or off the grid. Solar panels are a renewable resource that doesn't produce greenhouse gases.

Harness Solar Power

OUKITEL P5000 power stations can be charged using a wall outlet, solar panels, and so on. Getting the optional solar panels with your portable power station effectively turns it into a solar generator. The OUKITEL P5000 solar generator is designed to be able to power devices while charging via solar panels at the same time. In other words, you can charge your laptops, phones, and other devices during the day, and use the stored power from the solar panels to run your cooking appliances and lights at night. On top of all of that, you don’t have to worry about running out of gas.

OUKITEL has several solar panels to fit your charging needs, 200W Solar Panel and 400W Solar Panel. The optimal solution for backup power is the OUKITEL P5000 and 400W Solar Panel. The two solar panels can be connected with an adapter that comes with the kit. With dual input from AC outlets and solar panels, it can be fully charged in 1.8 hours.

Keep Power and Stay Safe

Power is ensstial for lighting a space, preserving food and medications, using medical devices, staying connected and informed, and cooking food. 

When there is a power outage, some people just need a simple backup power source, while others will require more than one power option. Many people prefer to go with the most eco-friendly and safe option out there for their families.

OUKITEL P5000 coupled with the optional solar panels can provide you and your family with a safe, clean, reliable backup power option that can be used indoors as part of your emergency preparedness plan. 

Please note that it designed with the portable wheels to take on camping trips and tailgate parties to keep your non-emergencies powered up too.

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