OUKITEL Newest BP2000: Home Backup & Balcony Power Unified

Balcony power plants are extremely popular in Germany. In line with this, the storage solutions for balcony power plants are currently on everyone's lips and are very popular. In the modern world, having a reliable power source means you don't have to worry about disrupting your routine life. Now OUKITEL introducing the BP2000 Balcony Power Station – your ultimate all-in-one backup power solution. 

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Power Station & PV Storage: Home's All-in-one Power

The OUKITEL BP2000 has the classic appearance of a power station. It offers a capacity of 2048 Wh and has a total of 15 output ports to supply your devices simultaneously. The capacity can be increased to an incredible 16.3 kWh with the help of up to seven OUKITEL B2000 expansion batteries. Not only an expandable home battery backup but also offers a storage solution for your balcony power plant. 

BP2000 can be compatible with 99% of microinverters and solar panels on the market. If you already own a small-scale photovoltaic system that fits on balconies, or you plan to install it, then BP2000 may be the best storage solution for you.

Presale And Price

The presale of the OUKITEL BP2000 solar generator will start on September 4, 2023, now can get the exclusive limited early bird price (only for the top 100), all you need to do just subscribe on the product page. Don't miss out!

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