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OUKITEL P5000 Home Battery Backup + 400W Solar Panel
OUKITEL P5000 Home Battery Backup + 2*400W Solar Panels
OUKITEL P5000 Home Battery Backup + 3*400W Solar Panels

OUKITEL P5000 Solar Generator

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  • Massive 5120Wh Capacity - Longer-lasting Power Supply.
  • Powerful 2200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Handle High-power Devices with Ease.
  • Lightning-fast 1800W AC Input - Quickest Recharge in the Industry.
  • 2000w Uninterruptible Power Supply in Emergencies.
  • Solar Input up to 1000W - Recharge from the Sun for Sustainable Energy.
  • Plug & Play Design - Effortlessly Easy to Set Up and Use.
  • Durable 5000 cycles - Up to 10 Years Lifespan for Long-term Use.
  • Efficient 400W Portable Solar Panel - 1000W Input.
  • Huge enough to provide energy, simultaneously small enough to carry.

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oukitel power station oukitel solar generator

Introducing OUKITEL P5000, the efficient and reliable 5120Wh portable power station for home, work, and entertainment. It offers you ample power and enhanced power security, wherever you are.

High Capacity High Capacity

Large Capacity

X-Stream Fast Charge X-Stream Fast Charge

1800W Super Fast Recharge

6x AC Outlets 6x AC Outlets

Huge AC Output

Power Multiple Devices Power Multiple Devices

2000W Seamless UPS

5120Wh Massive Capacity

Designed to keep you prepared for emergencies and outdoor activities, OUKITEL P5000 is capable of powering essential devices in your house for days during extreme blackouts or delivering emergency power for EVs and RVs.

Premium Long-lasting LFP Battery

OUKITEL P5000 adopts a premium EV-grade LiFePO4 (LFP) battery with 5000 cycles, which means you can use it for years and years. OUKITEL’s smart battery management system offers multiple protections, including voltage, current, charge, and temperature protection.

Power 99% of Home Appliances

With the huge 2200W output, OUKITEL P5000 can power almost everything, from essential home appliances to medical devices to power tools and electric vehicles.

Industry-leading 1800W AC Charging

With the industry-leading super fast 1800W AC charging, OUKITEL P5000 can be fully charged in less than 3 hours. With dual input from AC outlets and solar panels, it can be fully charged in 1.8 hours.

Seamless UPS in 10 ms

In case of blackouts, OUKITEL P5000 works as a 2000W Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). It switches to battery power in 10 ms and keeps connected devices up and running, giving you enough time to save work and protecting against voltage fluctuations.

OUKITEL P5000 For Home Backup
OUKITEL P5000 For Home Backup

Plug and Play Home Backup Power

Connect OUKITEL P5000 to your home's existing main electrical panel or transfer switch when a blackout hits and it can deliver power to the house from its built-in battery or connected solar panels without complicated rewiring.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Holding a massive capacity of 5120Wh, the OUKITEL P5000 only weighs 114.6 lbs, 63% lighter compared to other portable power stations of the same capacity. Rugged wheels and a suitcase-style telescopic pull handle make it easy to transport.

400W Solar Panel
  • Model

    OUKITEL P5000









    Cycle Life

    5,000 cycles to 80% capacity

    Operation temperature

    0-40 ℃ /32-104℉

    Storage temperature

    -10-40 ℃ /-14-104℉


    Max1800W, AC200-240Vac Max15A

    Solar Charge

    1* XT60 Port,12V-120V / 15A , MPPT MAX 1000W

    Adapter Charge

    12V-120V / 15A, MAXimum 1000W

    Car Charge & Battery Charge

    12V/8A - 24V/10A

    5 x AC

    2200W total (Surge 4000W)

    2 x USB-A

    5V/2.4A, 12W Max per port

    2 x USB-A,QC3.0

    5V/3A ; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A,18W Max per port

    2 x USB-C

    PD-100W Max per port

    1 x DC24V

    24V10A socket

    2 x DC12V

    12V3A socket

    1 x Cigar lighter



    1+2 Years(Subscribed)

  • Rated Power


    Battery Cell Type

    Monocrystalline Silicon


    ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)

    Efficiency Rate




    Dimensions (Unfolded)

    41.3*91.9*1.0 in/104.8*233.3*2.5cm

    Dimension (folded)

    41.3*24.1*2.1 in/104.8*61.2*5.4cm



    Open Circuit Voltage


    Short Circuit Current


    Connection Method


    Cable Length


    Operating Temperature


    Best Working Temperature

    77℉ (25℃)

    Safety Certifications



    12 months

    Portable Power Station

    OUKITEL P5000

    Up To 3 Pcs

    OUKITEL P2001 Plus

    Up To 1 Pc

    OUKITEL P1201

    Up To 1 Pc

What’s in the box?

1.Oukitel P5000 Power Station        2.Car Charging Cable        3.Solar Charging Cable        4.AC Charging Cable        5.User Manual  

User Manual

OUKITEL P5000-EU Portable Power Station | 2200W, 5120Wh User Manual

Download Now >


The P5000 uses LiFePo4 batteries (5000 life cycles) which, unlike lead-acid and ternary batteries, are very safe and truly durable and perform well.

Yes, you can use any MC4 connected to a standard solar panel and the solar panel has an input power of 1000W.

P5000 online UPS without delay, switch to backup power time ≦ 10mS

In UPS mode, the PV port (supporting solar energy, car charger, adapter) can be used to charge power equipment at the same time.

The device supports a maximum charging power of 2800W
Option 1: AC mains power (1800W) + PV charging (1000W).
Option 2: Generator AC (1800W) + PV charging (1000W).
When continuous high-power charging, the fan will automatically adjust the speed according to the temperature rise of the internal components, and it is normal to generate noise. After the machine is fully charged, the temperature of the machine will drop, and the noise will gradually decrease until it stops.

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